[Lunamar] Chapter 0: “I’m The Goddamn Lorax! Let’s Do This!”

Welcome to Our Power Is Out! In this campaign, join us as we travel through the Shakespeare inspired world of Lunamar. As our heroes attempt to pass news of the sinking of the Temple of Juliet to the Capital, their escape from their pursuers goes ... not entirely as planned. With luck not being on their side, the party may have to resort to some rather interesting skillsets to get out of this.

This was originally Episode 3, but due to technological reasons, we have decided that this will henceforth be our first episode! If you wish to catch up on what you missed, feel free to check out our first Codex Episode which will bring you up to date on the lore of Lunamar.

Our Theme Music is Fall by Ross Bugden and our Background Music comes from Sword Coast Soundscapes.

DM: Kristen Ippolito


Patrick Flood

Jack Manning

Jess Juan-Aquino

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