Lunamar: Session 4: “Cordelia Tells It How It Is”

August 14, 2017

Our Heroes have finally made it to the Capital of Ordamar, and now all that's left is to inform the Temple authorities about the heinous plot that caused the sinking of the Isle of Sunhaven. I'm sure we won't get distracted... Right?


Join our heroes as they get just a little sidetracked, learn about each other's backstories, meet Sebastian's family, put a dragon in a dress, and have to get married.



Patrick Flood (@Uninvitedhaggis)

Jess Juan-Aquino (@jesssapples)

Jack Manning (@lordoftheschwag)

Kristen Ippolito (@kris_lito)


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[Star Wars: Syndicates] Ep. 0: That Old Greedy Jedi, Apathetic Jedi Dichotomy

July 31, 2017

The preview for our coming campaign: [Star Wars: Syndicates]. Join Jack and Kristen as they take the role of Rogue Jedi searching for vengeance and getting caught up in the Underworld of the city planet of Avastal. So far things are going... slowly, but soon they'll learn secrets that will put everyone in harm's way.

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Lunamar: Session 3: “I’m The Goddamn Lorax! Let’s Do This!”

July 14, 2017

As our heroes attempt to pass news of the sinking of the Temple of Juliet to the Capital, their escape from their pursuers goes ... not entirely as planned. Join us on the third leg of our adventure to save the world of Lunamar!


Lunamar: Session 2: Combat on the High Seas!

June 23, 2017

Our second session, and our first combat on the podcast. Join our adventurers as they try to get their friend back from kidnappers and continue on their journey!


Lunamar: Session 1: A Boy, A Bard, A Burglar, and A Believer.

June 2, 2017

Join our heroes as they start off on the first leg of their new adventure!


In the land of Lunamar, a Shakespeare-themed world of Archipelagos, our Heroes must band together to defeat the evil that is rising, and prevent the very Gods themselves from falling to treachery. But first, to wrap up the prologue...


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